DFK 21AF04.AS + Mac OS = Winning Combination

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on March 3, 2008 and tagged with Sample Images, Software for Mac OS, Saturn, Mars.

The Imaging Source astronomy cameras ship with the camera control software IC Capture.AS, which is a Windows application. The Imaging Source supports the deployment of astronomy cameras on Windows machines only. However, thanks to our very active community, the cameras can also be used on Linux and Mac OS.

Below is an e-mail, which I received from Chris Bosshard - a happy Mac user:

Dear Imaging Source Team

After switching my computing equipment completely to Mac I found it difficult to get standard Webcams working as they used to under Windows. This problem was solved buying one of your cameras. An additional benefit is the fast firewire connection allowing high frame rates and leaving the USB ports free for other peripherals.

The camera used together with Astro IIDC is fun to use and produces good results out of the box. [Below] are some of the images shot with your camera.

BTW the camera model is the FW, colour with IR filter.

Thanks for this great product.

with best regards
Chris Bosshard

Below are the images he sent us: