ISS Sun Transit

Blogged by Xiao Sun on April 19, 2010 and tagged with Sample Images, Sun, Transit.

Here is another exciting moment captured by The Imaging Source astronomy camera - German astronomer Dr. Bernhard Christ took the image of ISS Sun Transit at 15:07:13 on 31.March, 2010. The picture is a combination of 3 frames taken within 0.57 second. His camera is DMK 31AF03.AS.

ISS Sun Transit

The original image is as big as 3022×2000 pixels. You can open it by clicking the zoomed version above.

ISS Sun Transit on 31.03.2010; Transit period: 0.57 Second; 3 frames taken with Personal Solar Telescope (PST) 40/400mm f/10, 28mm Plössl, DMK 31AF03.AS; Location Rüsselsheim; ISS Altitude: 522km, Speed 7,427 m/s.

Many thanks to Bernhard Christ. This is a splendid view!