MaxIm DL Now Fully Compatible with The Imaging Source Astro Cameras

Blogged by Xiao Sun on August 11, 2009 and tagged with Community, Software for Windows.

MaxIm DL is an astronomy imaging software that integrates many important functions such as camera control, auto guide, telescope mount, dome, image stacking and image processing. The software used to work on part of The Imaging Source Astronomy Cameras.

The software's developer, Diffraction Limited, informed us two weeks ago that with the latest updates in version 5.07, MaxIm DL has become fully compatible with all lines of The Imaging Source Astronomy Cameras, meaning that you do not need to install any other driver or software to have your The Imaging Source astronomy camera running on MaxIm DL.

We have learned that many of our camera customers are using this application. The latest update of MaxIm DL will probably increase the number of these customers. But no matter which software you operate to image the night sky, we encourage you to send us your astronomy photos and the stories behind them. Send us e-mail at

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