What is Your Explanation of These Images?

Blogged by Xiao Sun on February 13, 2009 and tagged with Community, Sample Images.

Jim Melka got a question for the Astronomy Cameras community when he compared two images taken with his DBK 21AF04.AS :

Please see attached image composite recorded with a Takahashi Sky 90, a DBK 21AF04.AS camera with a Baader IR reject filter on the front and mounted on Tracking GEM with a synchronous motor. I was using the same field of view including M57 on successive nights to help me align my GEM on north celestial pole.

On the October 29, 2008 left image, arrow points to where a variable star RX Lyra should be but instead shows what looks like a two-toned brown planetary nebula! The DBK camera has always recorded very subtle color differences in images of planets. Individual frames clearly show in most cases an extended object that is not round! The sky 90 is a top quality 2-element apochromat and not likely to create an out-of-focus RX Lyr especially when using a Baader IR reject filter.

Could this be an eruptive variable like V838 Monoceroti? On right image, note 8 days later on Nov 7th, all that remains is a red star. Does anyone have any ideas about what this was or perhaps was observing this region at the same time? Thanks.

(Click for Enlarged Image)

Does anybody have any idea on this?