A New Stacking Program Revealed

Blogged by John Berryman on November 18, 2008 and tagged with Reviews, Sample Images, Software for Windows, Moon, Mosaic.

Joe Zawodny, a long time customer of The Imaging Source, has recently put the new stacking software, AVI Stack, through its paces. In this blog you can find a very nice lunar image along with a link to Joe's review. Joe writes:

moonHere is an eight panel mosaic of the NW limb of the Moon. Seeing degraded rapidly and thin clouds wreaked havoc with the exposures. I had a tough time matching the seams despite taking all of the exposures with the same settings. This newly reprocessed image simply must be seen at its full 2409×2712 pixel resolution. North is straight up.

My first AVI was during the best seeing and was centered on Aristachus. There is a hint of the fine rille running along the bottom of Vallis Schröteri, aka 'the snake'. There are numerous rilles and volcanic mounds can be seen throughout this part of the Moon.

Telescope: C-11 @ f/10
Camera: DMK 31AF03.AS
Red filter
G: 350 E: 1/54 sec
AviStack best 300 out of 1300
Wavelets in RegiStax and RLD in ImagesPlus
Mosaic alignment and exposure adjustments in PhotoShop

UPDATE: Reprocessed with AviStack using between 1465 and 1799 alingment points in each of the 8 frames comprising the mosaic. The result is a significant increase in resolution.