Another Nice Jupiter Movie

Blogged by John Berryman on August 21, 2008 and tagged with Sample Images, Jupiter, Animation.

When a member of The Imaging Source family reads a nice article in the Newsletter, a magazine, or the blog, I often receive responses from other members of our tribe that reads about like this[...]

Hello Profjohn,

I saw the Jupiter animation in your newsletter an thought you might be interested in one I made a few nights ago. I used a DMK 21AU04.AS camera and C8 at F/10. I captured 62 sequences of about 200 frames each at one minute intervals. I then processed each video in RegiStax. The resulting JPEGs were then aligned in Photoshop.

Click here to see the movie

The aligned images were made into a movie using PhotoLapse software. Finally, I imported the movie into Windows Movie Maker to add titles and credits. It took quite a bit of time for a 4 second movie, but I really like it.

Once again, thanks for an excellent product.

Ralph Ford
Redondo Beach, CA

Nice job Ralph! Keep 'um coming!