Good Bye to the Rings...

Blogged by John Berryman on May 25, 2008 and tagged with Community, Sample Images, Saturn.

As most of you are I am sure aware, Saturn is quickly sinking out of visual reach and will orient itself in the next few weeks such that we will not be able to see any of the magnificent rings captured by The Imaging Source astronomy cameras for some time to come.

Below is a fabulous shot by a DMK 41AF02.AS user that has had a few snaps make it in to the Astronomy Cameras Blog, Tommy Hartline (click for original):

In his e-mail to The Imaging Source, Tommy wrote:

Hi Profjohn,

Here is a recent pic I took with the DBK 41AF02.AS high res color camera. The images were taken on 5/3/2008 in Texas. 2500 frames of Saturn and possibly my best of Saturn, to date.

Thanks Profjohn!

Good Job Tommy!