Ciel Et Espace Announces USB 2.0 Astronomy Cameras

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on March 28, 2008 and tagged with Press.

The current issue (April 2008) of the French magazine Ciel Et Espace contains the following brief introduction to The Imaging Source USB 2.0 astronomy cameras:

Below is a translation of the text, for our non French-speaking audience:

One Cable Fewer!
DMK Cameras Now Ship With USB

Very popular amongst amateur astronomers specialized in planetary imaging, the DMK series of cameras is now available with a USB connector. The new connector allows the cameras to be powered by the host PC and replaces the FireWire cable. It is, therefore, no longer necessary to purchase the optional, external power supply unit. Tests with the DMK 31AU03.AS (768×1024) in the field are conclusive: Frame rates of more than 7.5 fps are better supported that previously. It is also delightful to see that these new models ship with a nose piece (31.75 mm) and the software IC Capture, which has been optimize for astronomical use.

DMK USB Cameras
The cameras are available from a number of specialized resellers. Prices range from EUR 387.00 to EUR 885.00 for the cameras with a resolution of between 640×480 and 1280×960 pixels.

It may not be clear from the article, but the USB 2.0 range of astronomy cameras are in addition to the FireWire range. You can still buy the FireWire cameras - the new USB 2.0 ones do not replace them (as the article may suggest).

Please also note, that the cameras ship with IC Capture.AS (and not IC Capture, as the article suggests).