ISS Captured with USB 2.0 Astronomy Camera

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on March 6, 2008 and tagged with Sample Images.

Last week, Aurélie - over at the French astronomy cameras blog - came across an astronomy forum, which contains a number of images depicting the International Space Station. They were captured by the amateur astronomer Laurent Langelez in Ramicourt, France.

Laurent has given permission to publish the following image, which he captured with his DMK 31AU03.AS, mounted on a Newton 200/1000 telescope. His astronomy camera was set with a gain of 600 and exposure time of 1/1000s. He followed the space station with a pair of 60/415 binoculars and an eye piece, with a cross-hair that he built himself.

The image was taken on February 04, 2008:

Laurent made the following statement about his new DMK 31AU03.AS (translated from French):

The DMK 31AU03.AS is brilliant. As of the middle of December, when I first got the camera, I have re-discovered astronomy!

A big thanks goes out to Laurent for his enthusiasm with The Imaging Source astronomy cameras.

His web site contains a number of really great images. Go and take a look!