Mars Furthers... but the Images Keep on Coming!

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on February 22, 2008 and tagged with Sample Images, Mars.

Mars is slowly getting further and further away from the Earth and will not be as visible as it currently is for the next nine years.

Last week, Thierry Lépine sent me the following image of Mars, which he captured with his DMK 31AF03.AS at l'Observatoire de l'Institut d'Optique Graduate School in Saint-Etienne, France on February 09, 2008. The red planet was only 11″ in diameter at the time of capture. The resulting image was stacked in RegiStax, using 900 singular frames.

Click on the following image for the original:

Thierry commentates the image with:

Our DMK 31[AF03.AS] camera is very impressive. Plenty of details are clearly visible: The polar cap, Olympus Mons et Tharsis, Solis Lacus.

A great thanks goes out to Thierry for sending his latest image of the red planet.