GLAAC Presents the 11th Annual Astronomy at the Beach

Blogged by John Berryman on September 7, 2007 and tagged with Events, Moon.

For eleven years running, The Great Lakes Association of Astronomy Clubs (or GLAAC), a loose association of amateur Astronomy Clubs in Southeastern Michigan, band together in order to provide an enjoyable family oriented activities that focus on Astronomy and Space Sciences.


GLAAC educates others through talks, star parties, and resource sharing with the general public and more specifically, local schools, scouts, and the like. Astronomy at the Beach is their premiere event this year is showcased with a special lecture entitled "To The Moon: The Orion Manned Program" by NASA's own Rob Landis.


We at The Imaging Source are proud to announce that John Kirchoff of Rider's Hobby Shop-Livonia, an event sponsor, will both participate in the activities and conduct product demonstrations of the DMK 21AF04.AS and IC Capture.AS software. If you are in the Southeastern Michigan area, stop by and check out The Next Generation of Astronomy Cameras by The Imaging Source!