Using RegiStax to Calculate Colors

Blogged by John Berryman on July 12, 2007 and tagged with Software for Windows.

For years, DMK users have imaged and posted brilliant pictures across the Internet from inside and outside our solar system.

Astrophotographers using The Imaging Source cameras range from beginners in the hobby to seasoned professionals within the photography business.

A commonality within both of these groups is that RegiStax is most often implemented when processing raw images into the final pictures.

A recent post on The Imaging Source Astronomy Forum has posed a good question for the entire DMK community on the correct methods to use RegiStax for color calculation.

Mick Hollimon writes:

I have obtained some 20 AVI files containing between approx. 300 frames and about 650 frames. These were taken using the Y800 AVI format and the "uncompressed" Y800 codec; the "Enable debayering" button on IC Capture was left un-activated (icons to the right of the button on the control bar were grayed out). These files are between about 90 Mb and 240 Mb in length.

Several have been opened in RegiStax 4, and processed with the debayering function activated and all four choices, including GB, tried. In all cases there does not seem to be any color in the resulting images.
Two questions:

  1. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Is there another setting in either IC Capture or RegiStax 4 that I should be dealing with?
  2. If I choose to use the BY8 format, what is the effect of the resulting "compression" on the final images in RegiStax? Is there any way to use BY8 without "compression"?

Sensei Stefan responds:

I have created a small PDF for you that illustrates, with pictures, how to capture RAW AVI images, import them into RegiStax 4, and calculate the colors. Download the file.

Thank you Stefan!