Prof. John W. Berryman Now Works at The Imaging Source

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on May 8, 2007 and tagged with About Us.

Prof. John W. Berryman comes to and The Imaging Source with 15 years of science education experience. His graduate work at Oak Ridge National Laboratories focused on electron-electron interactions in field of experimental atomic physics. As a member of the American Association of Physics Teachers, the American Physical Society, and the National Association of Rocketry, Mr. Berryman participates regularly in undergraduate science teaching reform projects in astronomy, engineering, and physics.

During the last 15 years Profjohn has developed curriculum in, and taught at, the primary, the secondary, and the post-secondary levels of science education. He has served as a National Representative in Physics Education Reform, as a community college representative in Engineering Education articulation, and as the founder and director of two science education outreach programs in amateur rocketry and solar astronomy targeted at K-12 students and teachers.

RocketShop has grown into an outreach program that spans all facets of rocketry up through the high-powered rocket building class taught to college faculty and staff at Cape Kennedy. The EclipseLive Outreach Program involves K-12 teachers and students from around the globe. For the past eight years, profjohn has sent faculty and students to international locations to record and webcast eclipse events. Each eclipse lesson includes a K-12 teacher and their school, as well as, a K-12 school in the country visited. The two most recent programs to Santa Clara, Panama and Side, Turkey were featured on MSNBC.

Along with his duties as the Sales Engineer at, he is currently developing and implementing on-line astronomy courses for the NC Middle School Cohort Group, as well as, teaching Observational Astronomy Laboratories at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.