The New Generation of FireWire Cameras

Blogged by John Berryman on May 7, 2007 and tagged with Reviews, Moon.

After 20 years in the imaging field, The Imaging Source is pleased to introduce our line of FireWire cameras to the astronomy community.

Many professional and amateur astronomers alike are raving about the quality of our cameras and the robust software that is shipped free with the product! Here's a few brief quotes from the astronomy community.

Michael Fulbright reports in a candid review of the DMK 21AF04 on the Cloudy Nights Website:

It gave me some of the best images I've taken yet.

Christopher Go writes:

[...] other than being the Camera that discovered the Reddening of Oval BA now called Red Spot Jr or the Little Red Spot. To be honest, without this camera, I would not have discovered Red Spot Jr!

Levi Mize from Camarillo CA says:

[...] the DMK purchased from very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly [...] (the sales team) returned e-mails and phone calls promptly. I will definitely be doing more business with them in the future.

And finally, George Tarsoudis states:

The Imaging Source's DMK camera is the best digital FireWire camera for Lunar and Planetary photography!

With the free robust IC Capture.AS software, the rugged industrial manufacturing, and the helpful sales and support team, The Imaging Source will define The Next Generation of Astronomy Cameras. Watch for more news, more pictures, and much more attention in the coming months on,, and in upcoming issues of Sky and Telescope magazine.