Theo Ramakers Working Hard on Solar Photography

Blogged by Xiao Sun on March 17, 2011 and tagged with Sample Images, Sun, Animation.

While I was still impressed by his Prominence clip, Theo Ramakers had started new rounds of shooting fascinating photos of the Sun. Theo captured the following pictures on 08.03.2011 with his DMK 41AU02.AS astronomy camera. He is based in Georgia, USA.

Quote of his mail:

The Sun in H-a and CaK on 2011-03-08 with AR1164, 65,66, and 69. I also was able to image a one hour session from 10:12 - 11:12 EST and capture the activity around AR1166. In the animation there is an interesting filament that reaches over from the right lower corner to the sunspot in AR1166. In addition, several small filaments move around in the region itself. Click the link to my blog, than on the thumbnail to activate the animation.

Thank you very much Theo! Good job!