Theo Ramakers Following the Solar Activities

Blogged by Xiao Sun on December 14, 2010 and tagged with Sample Images, Sun.

Photographer: Theo Ramakers

Date: 06.12.2010 & 07.12.2010

Camera: DMK 31AU03.AS

Quote of his mail:

This week was special since a very large filament broke loose form the sun.Frank Garner and I made some Ha images and I also did image the sun in CaK while the filament went up, unfortunately, one can only see that part that extended outside the limb of the sun.The following day I followed up with another image, now showing a large hedge-row prominance at the same spotAlso included a closeup of Active Regions 1131 and 1133. The images are made with my DMK 31AU03.AS camera and a PST CaK scope for the Calcium-K images and a Lunt LS60T-Ha with a Meade 140 2x barlow for the H-alpha close up of the active regions.

Solar Image - Full Disk

Thank you Theo!