Lunar Craters

Blogged by Xiao Sun on May 18, 2010 and tagged with Sample Images, Moon, Animation.

This is the first astrophotography work we received from Thierry Barbier, a French amateur astronomer. Thierry is based in Alsace. He captured this view on the evening of April.19, 2010. His camera is DMK 41AU02.AS.

The Moon

Here is the translation of his e-mail:

As a faithful reader of your astronomy cameras blog, I finally launched a publication.

I am sending you an image taken on my terrace in Alsace (France) with the camera DMK 41AU02.AS.

This picture was created April 19, 2010, very early in the evening: 7:15 pm GMT with a lunar month of 5 days and 30 minutes. I could receive turbulence acceptable deteriorated thereafter.

A movie of 300 images was taken at the focus of a Takahashi μ210 W23A with red filter and UV/IR cut filter to image the 3 craters Catherine, Cyril and Theophilus.

Processing in Avistack, Iris and light coloring.