10Bit Video Possible with Lucam Recorder

Blogged by Xiao Sun on April 14, 2010 and tagged with Software for Windows.

Perhaps you still remember the post in last November announcing our GigE Astro Camera. As one of their features, the GigE cameras allow you to have 10bit image data by setting the video format to YGB0. This could be useful to stacking process, but at that moment there was no software, at least in my scope, that could take advantage of this for astrophotography.

An e-mail from Heiko Wilkens, the developer of Lucam Recorder, changed the situation. According to Heiko, the latest version of Lucam Recorder - v2.7 - is able to take the genuine 10bit/pixel video from The Imaging Source GigE astronomy cameraeras and perform the following functions:

1) Save video streams on the hard drive
a.. 16Bit Still Image Formate: TIFF, FITS, PNG, RAW
b.. 16Bit Raw Video Image Container: SER

2) Image Processing
a.. Live Flat Field Correction
b.. Live Dark Stream Correction
c.. Live Stacking
d.. Contrast Spread Angle

For details of the update, visit http://www.lucamrecorder.de/News.htm.

Its official web's URL is http://www.lucamrecorder.de/.

Lucam Recorder Screenshot