More Images of Jupiter After the 2009 Impact

Blogged by Xiao Sun on August 18, 2009 and tagged with Sample Images, Jupiter, Animation.

Five days ago, we blogged a Jupiter image and animation by John Chumack, Ohio USA. He later sent us some more images of the giant gas planet. They provide us with a better and continuous view of Jupiter after the 2009 Impact.

Jupiter in Black and White

Jupiter in Color

(Click to open the original pictures)

Here is what he wrote us in the e-mail:

Attached you will find a much better processed set of the Jupiter Impact Rotation Sequence[...] these are very nice and demonstrate how well your line of DMK cameras work. They were taken with the DMK 21AF04.AS monochrome camera and my 10″ SCT telescope inmy backyard observatory in Dayton, Ohio USA.

DMK is absolutely the best planetary camera available..and I've used many other cameras in the last 20 years of imaging, nothing even comes close.

Well thank you very much John! Feel free to send us more night sky images with your DMK astronomy camera!