Blogged by Xiao Sun on June 26, 2009 and tagged with Sample Images, Venus.

Mike Salway has been working really hard lately. The picture below is the 2nd one we received over the past two days.

Here is what he said in the mail:

This image of Venus in Ultra Violet light was captured on the morning of the 23rd June [...]

The colours reveal some albedo differences in the cloud tops on Venus, and come from a combination of using a Schuler UV filter for capturing the luminance (detail) data, and processing the image as a false-colour composite using colour data from the RGB channels as well as the UV channel.

The seeing was only average, and Venus was at a respectable 30° altitude - shining brilliantly at mag -4.18.

More here: Venus in UV False Colour - 23rd June

Thank you Mike! Wish you a clear sky!