A Picture of M78

Blogged by Xiao Sun on March 12, 2009 and tagged with Sample Images, Sun.

Messier 78 is a reflection nebula in Constellation Orion. Here is a nice picture of this nebula taken by Alberto Mayer, based in Milan Italy.

In his e-mail he wrote:

I did some attempts on M78 and i thought to continue taking luminance but Orion runs fast pretty low on the horizon and the sunset delays day after day.

The haze (or dirty sky) is a huge problem from urban skies. I guess that i won't be able to capture any further DSO image from that part of the sky.

Unfortunately the LPR filter doesn't work on such kind of nebula while it works pretty well on emission nebulas.

For this reason i send you this first result on such nebula. It is my first experience on such kind of nebulas and i liked the idea to "see the dark" instead of seeing only the light.

Many Thanks to Alberto!