Another Terrific Picture from Alberto

Blogged by Xiao Sun on January 20, 2009 and tagged with Sample Images, Moon, Saturn, Mosaic, Animation.

Judged by the number of astronomy images he sent us, Alberto Mayer has been working really hard lately. Although Saturn with 5 of its moons is rarely seen here, he calls this "a lucky shot":

(Click to View the Large Picture)

I was trying to image OUR Moon but the seeing was not good so i pointed to Saturn just to record some movies before going to bed. On Saturn (a few degree higher than the Moon) the seeing was perfect so that i could see Titan clearly and steadily on live video. After the processing i realized i caught 5 moons in such narrow field (f.6000 mm).
It is not a composition. I only stretched the moons contrast to show them otherwise they were dimmed (but Titan).

I'm working on a color enhanced moon done with the DBK. I didn't know that it was soooo hard to place the different mosaic tiles because the different color balance between the tiles is very hard to fix. You may find a first uncaptioned version on my site (into moon mosaic).

Thanks Alberto! That was really a great job!