DBK 41AU02.AS Reviewed by Spanish Magazine "Digimag"

Blogged by Xiao Sun on January 7, 2009 and tagged with Press.

After testing DBK 41AU02.AS for months, "Digimag", the earliest Spanish e-magazine of digital photography, has published their first review on this outstanding astronomy camera in the December edition.

The chief editor of Digimag Jose Alcocer really made some compliments on this camera in the article "Astrofotagrafía - Cámaras par llegar a las estrellas" (Astrophotography, cameras to catch the stars).

The review also examined IC Capture.AS with screenshots helping beginners install the software, and provided some info on questions like color or monochrome, and USB or FireWire.

The four-page report is available at the magazine's official website: http://www.digimag.es/. Or you can read it on our official web at /data/blog/20090107/assets/200812_digimag.pdf.

Thanks Mr. Alcocer!