Stunning Image of M57

Blogged by John Berryman on October 21, 2008 and tagged with Community, Sample Images.

Recently an imager from Canada sent one of the nicest pics of The Ring Nebula I've seen from any CCD. This pic just happens to be from our most popular astronomy camera to all the enthusiasts, the DMK 21AF04.AS.

Gerald, from Canada, writes:

Hello Profjohn,

I recently purchased the DMK 21AF04.AS camera for planetary imaging, but decided to try some deep sky imaging with it. I thought I would pass along this image of the Ring Nebula obtained with the camera.

Camera: DMK 21AF04.AS

Telescope: C9.25 SCT

Mount: Losmandy G11

Filter Set: Astronomik LRGB Type II

Luminance: best 229 frames (539 total), taken at an exposure of 9.7 sec
per frame.

Red: Best 150 frames (249 total); exposure = 11.56 sec per frame.

Green: Best 150 frames (249 total); exposure = 11. 56 sec per frame.

Blue: Best 150 frames (350 total); exposure - 11.56 sec per frame.

Exposures were taken unguided.

Stacking, dark frame subtraction and image enhancement using Registax

Final processing in Photoshop.

Gerald Stelmack
Winnipeg, Manitoba