Arne Caspari: USB 2.0 Astronomy Cameras on Ubuntu

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on June 18, 2008 and tagged with Software for Linux.

Arne Caspari has recently published a very detailed article about getting the most out of The Imaging Source industrial and astronomy cameras on Linux.

His preferred distribution is Ubuntu and thus his article is particularly relevant to this blog. We have often talked about deploying The Imaging Source astronomy cameras on Ubuntu.

As he states in his post, Arne is the chief developer of the firmware, which runs on The Imaging Source cameras. He is employed at The Imaging Source here in Bremen, Germany:

The Imaging Source AU/BU cameras are a popular series of USB Video Class compliant cameras for industrial and [...] astronomy vision. If you are wondering about my preference for The Imaging Source cameras, the reason is simply that I am the lead developer of the camera firmware of these cameras.

Before you can use all the features of the USB cameras on Linux, you have to master some hurdles but the installation should be quite easy with the following instructions.

Arne goes on to list the steps which need to be taken. If you are interested in running The Imaging Source astronomy cameras on Ubuntu, please read through his post - it contains a number of very tasty morsels. :-)

Arne Caspari: Installing USB Cameras