Test Report in German Magazine Sterne Und Weltraum

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on May 23, 2008 and tagged with Press.

As we recently announced, the article by Christian and Peter Wellmann has just been published in the German magazine Sterne und Weltraum.

The extremely detailed article - a mammoth 10 pages all together - looks at eight astronomy cameras from The Imaging Source and compares them with those from Watec and Philips.

If you are based in Germany, or a German-speaking country, we suggest that you go to your local newstand and purchase a copy of this great magazine. The article alone is worth the cost of the magazine.

Look out for The Imaging Source astronomy cameras on the cover of the magazine:

In conclusion to his article, the author writes (translated from German):

The DMK 21AU04.AS monochrome camera holds the undisputed first place for demanding planetary astro-photography [...]

All of us, here at The Imaging Source, send out a great thanks to Christian and Peter for their exceptional work on this article.