Deep Sky Image by Axel Canicio (M51)

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on May 10, 2008 and tagged with Sample Images.

Axel Canicio - the winner of the Astronomy Cameras Competition in March - has submitted a first light image, which he captured with his new DMK 21AU04.AS astronomy camera.

Below is a photo of M51, which he captured on April 26, 2008 (click to zoom);

According to Axel's e-mail, the photo was captured using the following hardware and settings:

C11 + F/3.3 Meade reducer, Skywatcher EQ6 GOTO, Skywatcher ED80 for tracking.
Photo camera : DMK 21AU04.AS
Tracking camera : DMK 31AF03.AS
15 frames at 10 seconds, 20 frames at 30 seconds, 20 frames at 60 seconds, 25 frames at 120 seconds.

Axel is the chief programmer of the software Astrosnap and is currently testing the professional version of his application with The Imaging Source astronomy cameras.

A great thanks goes out to Axel for this exceptional image!