A Very Different Look at Infrared

Blogged by John Berryman on April 26, 2008 and tagged with Community, Sample Images.

I speak to hundreds of folks from The Imaging Source community each week and am always amazed at the number of new and exciting applications in which our cameras are implemented worldwide.

From astronomy to zoology, many applications are unique and quite fascinating.

Here is a couple stunning pictures taken with a DBK 21AF04.AS by a gentleman from NASA .

You may know that green plants are highly reflective in infrared light. I was playing around with IR-pass and IR-block filters on my DBK 21AF04.AS one day and was struck at just how strong this effect is on one of my plants. I'm attaching an image showing what I'm talking about. I figured you may want a demo of how your DBK color cameras are sensitive to IR light.

Rus Belikov

P.S. The sharp rise in infrared reflectance of green plants is known as the "red edge" and is one of spectral biomarkers in searching for life beyond the solar system.

Below is the image, which Rus submitted:

Thanks Rus! Keeps up the good work.