Intercon Spacetec Presents Astronomy Cameras

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on February 15, 2008 and tagged with Resellers.

One of our more recently added German resellers, Intercon Spacetec, based in Augsburg, Germany, has just published the following advert in the German magazine Sterne und Weltraum.

There is a translation into English for our non-German speaking blog readers below.

Translated into English:

The Imaging Source CCD Cameras

The Imaging Source CCD cameras have been specifically designed for astronomy. They are as easy to use as a web camera, but offer a number of advantages over a web camera: uncompressed data stream, higher frame rate, longer exposure times and high quality, low noise electronics.

The monochrome CCD cameras are shipped without an IR cut filter. The models with a 640×480 resolution can capture up to 60 frame per second and are thus ideally suited to planetary astro-photography. The color cameras are available as RGB with an IR cut filter or as a Bayer camera without IR cut filter.

All cameras have a maximum exposure time of 60 minutes, ship with C and CS mounts (1.25″ adapter included) and are powered via the bus. Furthermore, a driver CD and IC Capture.AS is included. The software runs on Windows XP and Vista. The cameras are available with a USB 2.0 and FireWire connectors.

[A list of cameras with prices follows]

Intercon Spacetec's web site offers a number of details product descriptions and photos of The Imaging Source astronomy cameras, in addition to some images captured with The Imaging Source astronomy cameras.

We welcome, wholeheartedly, Intercon Spacetec to our global network of resellers. :-)