Graeme Coates Launches Astro-Photography Blog

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on February 7, 2008 and tagged with Community, Sample Images.

In November last year, Graeme Coates won a DMK 41AF02.AS astronomy camera, by taking part in the BBC Sky at Night magazine Hotshots 2007 competition.

His winning photo is below:

Today, Graeme has just launched his own blog, in which he writes:

This picture was chosen as Anacortes Telescope & Wild Bird picture of the day on 6th Nov 2006.

Additionally, it was chosen as Sky at Night Magazine Hotshots Picture of the Month, Feb 2007 and subsequently it was chosen as Sky at Night Magazine Hotshot of the Year, 2007. (Sky at Night Magazine). As part of the Sky at Night Hotshots competition, I won a 5x Astro Engineering barlow lens for the photo of the month, and a DMK 41AF02.AS camera from The Imaging Source.

I really recommend that you go and take a look at this blog. Graeme is a very talented astro-photographer and no doubt will be posting some more spectacular images to blog in the near future (using, of course, his DMK 41AF02.AS!)

Below is a screenshot, upon which you can click to go to his new blog: