The Imaging Source @ the Mid-Atlantic Star Party

Blogged by John Berryman on October 8, 2007 and tagged with About Us, Resellers.

Kendall Nelson from Big Bang Astronomy and Profjohn from The Imaging Source will be demonstrating The Imaging Source cameras all this week at the Mid-Atlantic Star Party (MASP) in Robbins, North Carolina. The MASP was established in 1995 by John Dilday (and others) and has since blossomed into an event well known in all regions of the astronomy community.

With the desire to share with astronomers and astronomy buffs alike, the fellowship and activities continue to increase and improve each calendar year making the MASP one of THE astronomy gatherings to attend in the Eastern United States. With its central location, its dark skies, its quality of speakers, and most of all, its great door prizes, the Southern hospitality of this years MASP will prove to be unsurpassed.

Come to this year's Mid-Atlantic Star Party, share the experience, and win a DMK 21AF04.AS from The Imaging Source and Big Bang Astronomy! The gates will open noon on Monday Oct 8, 2007 and remain open throughout the week. For directions go to the MASP website and we'll see you there!