Prominence Session by Oldfield

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on June 30, 2007 and tagged with Sample Images, Moon, Sun.

I recently blogged about Oldfield So from Hong Kong, whose main interest lies in capturing images of the Sun.

On looking at his blog this evening, I saw a new entry:

Pretty boring sun again, except a few prominences. There were thin cloud all around, capturing surface detail become entirely impossible, capturing prominences could be done by overexposure to by-passing through the cloud, it's no good, but better than nothing. Typical day time seeing at around 2-3/10.

He posts the following image, which was captured with his DMK 31AF03:

Thank you, Oldfield, for sharing your work with us.

Oldfield's blog is full of solar, lunar and planetary photos. It is well worth a look: