DMK and MaxIm DL

Blogged by John Berryman on June 24, 2007 and tagged with Getting Started, Software for Windows.

Many DMK users have inquired about the possibility of using The Imaging Source astronomy cameras in conjunction with MaxIm DL for guiding. Shown with graphical displays, here are step by step instructions to guide your scope via the Cyanogen software:

1. Open the MaxIm DL software and click on View CCD Control Window.


2. In the Setup tab, click the Setup button in the Main CCD Camera window.

3. Select Video DS as the Camera Model.

4. Select your DMK camera model in the Source dropdown.


5. Now in the CCD Control Window, click Connect.

6. To adjust the properties, click on the Settings tab in the CCD Control Window.

7. Next click on Options>Camera Settings>Video Capture Filter.


8. When the Device Property window opens, adjust as needed.


9. To Adjust Device Settings, select the Settings tab again in the CCD Control window.

10. Click on Options>Camera Settings>Video Capture Pin.

11. The Device Settings window open and you can then adjust the number of frames per second, the video format, and the video resolution to name a few.


12. Have fun!