Genika Astro Supports The Imaging Source Astronomy Cameras

Blogged by Aurélie Le Fort-Beunink on October 24, 2013 and tagged with Software.

Genika is a video capture software dedicated to lunar, solar and planetary imaging with the very best high speed astronomy cameras on the market.

We are proud to announce that Genika supports all monochrome Astronomy Cameras designed by The Imaging Source.

Genika provides you with a Genicam native interface for fast and easy image acquisition on the field. Its interface has been specifically designed for astronomy applications. It's straight and simple to avoid waste of time during acquisition sessions where timing maybe important. It speaks in native mode with your astronomy camera to deliver the maximum performances. Using massive multithreading and a double leaky bucket image management, Genika doesn't suffer from the performances issues of some other applications and it does not bottleneck the high FPS your camera can deliver. It is the fastest acquisition software for planetary imaging. Squeeze the maximum number of image possible to enhance your images signal to noise ratio and be able to apply further accentuation.