Spectroscopy of Nova Delphini with DMK 41AU02.AS

Blogged by Aurélie Le Fort-Beunink on September 17, 2013 and tagged with Sample Images, Spectroscopy.

Here is a spectrum comparison of the Hydrogen Balmer lines in the star Vega and the emission lines in Nova Del 2013.

Comparison of Balmer Lines in Vega Spectrum and prominent emission Lines in Nova Delphini

And here is a raw spectrum plot of Nova Del 2013 showing qualitatively the primary emission peaks. The DMK 41AU02.AS nicely recorded the carbon and oxygen emission peaks on the far red / near infrared end of the spectrum. The nova was between 6.8-7.0 magnitude, exposure time with the DMK 41AU02.AS, Star Analyser 100 grating and 80mm f/6 telescope was 15 seconds with the gain set near zero.

Nova Delphini

Here are 4 examples of what the live feed from the DMK 41AU02.AS with Star Analyser 100 look like on the computer monitor. The star (in itself, none too impressive) is at far left, the line at right is the raw spectrum with bright points that correspond to the various spectral wavelengths that can be seen in the graphic plot of the spectrum.

Nova Delphini 2013, Raw Spectrums