Deep-sky Astrophotography from Brazil

Blogged by Aurélie Le Fort-Beunink on June 26, 2012 and tagged with Sample Images, Deep-sky.

I'm starting enjoy this small camera and considering seriously the using for DSO imaging. Today was the first day that I've had a good sky since the camera has arrived. And I put the DBK 41AU02.AS on my ED102mmF7 with a Celestron CG-5Gt and took two pictures, one of M8, The Lagoon Nebula and other of M17, The Swan Nebula. The results made me very happy. I'm impressed with the quality of the images because the light pollution in my site is terrible. I live in Brazilia, the Brazilian Capital, a metropolitan region with 4 million inhabitants and I'm in the middle of the city. The picture were taken from balcony of an apartment in the 13th floor. I've used 70 frames of one minute to M8 and 75 of 30 seconds to M17. At the end, I think the longer frames of M8 have worked better. For each image I also have used 40 dark frames.

Rodrigo Andolfato, Brasília - Brazil