Astronomy Cameras Test Review from Stephen Ramsden

Blogged by Aurélie Le Fort Beunink on August 12, 2011 and tagged with Sample Images, Sun.

My name is Stephen W. Ramsden and I live in Atlanta, GA USA. I have been running the country's largest solar astronomy outreach program since 2008. I do about 70 events per year and see over 50,000 people annually. I generally set up all day at a school or public festival. I have 2 -5 visual scope setup in H-Alpha, White Light and Calcium K wavelengths and I also have 2-3 computers setup with your companies cameras broadcasting live images through three other scopes using the same wavelengths. Attendees can come up and take their own videos or photos of the Sun and retrieve them later from my website:

I have been using the DMK 21AU04.AS, DMK 31AU03.AS and DMK 41AU02.AS for four years now to image and broadcast the Sun. They have become the industry standard in solar imaging and are the cameras that all others are compared to. These are rugged and dependable cameras with simple software interfaces at a great price.

You can download Stephen's review here: [The] Imaging Source DMK Cameras [PDF].