The Sun on 2011-07-24 with Closeup of AR1254 and Prominence

Blogged by Aurélie Le Fort Beunink on July 25, 2011 and tagged with Sample Images, Sun.

Temperatures are still high (93).But skies were a little better. Today I imaged a whole disk solar image and a close up of AR1254 with some real nice prominences and AR1259.Both closeups are presented in normal and inverted brightness processing.

For the full disk image I captured two images, each 300 frames with a gamma of 42, exposure time 1/455 sec, and the gain at its default 260 for the surface image, and the gamma was raised to 177 for the prominence image.

AR1254 and the prominences is also a composite image of two. Gamma at 42, exposure time of 1/60 and the gain at 260.For the image of AR1258, the exposure time was shortened to 1/77 and the gain was raised to 279.

Each image captured 300 frames of which the best 200 were stacked and sharpened in Registax and final processing in Photoshop.

Theo Ramakers

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