Moon Photos from New Zealand

Blogged by Xiao Sun on November 23, 2010 and tagged with Sample Images, Moon.

Michael White is an amateur astronomer based in Levin, New Zealand. He becomes a fan of DMK camera not long ago, but he has been shooting some wonderful pictures with DMK 41AF02.AS. This time his object is the edge of the Moon.

Moretus Crater

Clavius Crater

Here is quote of his e-mail:

I never cease to be impressed with the quality of images that come out of my DMK camera.The attached images were taken in poor seeing conditions (3-4/10) on Nov 15, 2010 with a DMK 41AF02.AS camera, Televue 2x Big barlow and Astronomik Type II red filter on an Orion XT10 newtonian telescope mounted on a NEQ6 Pro mount. Stacking was done with Avistack2 software, deconvolution in AstraImage Pro and levels/curves/etc in Gimp.

Other images from my DMK camera can be found at

Kind regards,

Mike White

Levin, New Zealand

Thank you Mike! Well done!