Fabulous Photos of the Sun and Moon

Blogged by Xiao Sun on November 10, 2010 and tagged with Sample Images, Moon, Sun.

Giancarlo Calzetta is an Astrophotographer based in northern Italy. This Summer he took many photos of the Sun and Moon with different The Imaging Source astronomy cameras. His photography locations are Bergamo and Bratto, both near Milan. Below are three of Giancarlo's recent works.

Quote of his e-mail:

I stumbled into your gallery while surfing the net and I was wondering if I could contribute with a few images of mine.

I love to image the Sun (both in white light and h-alfa), the Moon and the planet. I'm currently owner of:

And I switch from one to another depending on the subject. Usually I use the "large" 41 for sun and moon, DBK for planets and DMK 21 for "extreme" experiments (like sunspot in very bad seeing).

I'll drop you two shots of the Sun on the same day: the first is a "global h-alfa view" while the second is a close up on two "delicate" filaments that the camera rendered very well.

Then I'm sending also a lunar image, just to show the "cold" side of hi-res imaging.


Thank you Giancarlo! The pictures are amazing! Do not hesitate to send us more.