Pictures of the Chromosphere

Blogged by Xiao Sun on August 12, 2010 and tagged with Sample Images, Solar Prominence.

Frequent photo contributor of this blog, Jim Ferreira, sent these two solar pictures at the beginning of the month.

He put the following introduction in the mail:

I've put together a pseudo prominence scope, essentially my Lunt 50mm H-alpha filter on a 400mm FL refractor with a new high resolution ½" CCD video camera, and results are most promising.

400mm with the ½" CCD (DMK 41AU02.AS camera) allows full disk views with some room to spare. This will be great for capturing eruptive prominences - assuming the solar cycle activity continues to increase over the next couple years. Full disk views of the chromosphere are also amazing. The 400mm scope is piggy back on my 4 inch scope and I move the Ha filter back and forth between the two scopes with very little effort. Eventually, though, I hope to come up with a 75mm Ha filter for shooting close ups of prominences and chromosphere activity in the very near future.

Some post processing to even up image illumination, but resolution, considering only 50mm aperture, is quite good.

Chromo Sphere

Resolution of prominences is excellent both live and post image processing with the short FL scope and DMK 41AU02.AS camera.

Solar Prominence Full Disk

The setup is practical as long as it works out well. Thank you Jim!