Allsky Probe

Blogged by Xiao Sun on July 19, 2010 and tagged with Community, Sample Images, Moon.

Allsky Probe is a astronomical system developed by French amateur astronomer Cyril Cavadore, who is also the author of the software Prism.

The idea of the system is to image the complete sky with a single shot, regardless of day or night, so that the quality of the sky can be measured in a real-time manner. This system is also able to record fast phenomena happening in the sky, such as meteors and fireballs, and to measure scientific magnitude per sec².

Cyril utilizes the DMK 41AG02.AS / DFK 41AG02.AS astronomy cameras (USB&GigE interfaces) as the imaging tool of the system, because according to him

I need the largest possible sensor for this application and to enjoy the field of Fisheye.

Here is a color photo taken by Allsky Probe on 22.05, 2010.

It shows a moonless sky in a place not affected by light pollution, with brightness at zenith sky about magnitude 21 per arcsec square. Stars of magnitude 6 are visible.

The same sky on the same night, but 20 minutes earlier, with a monochrome The Imaging Source camera:

The sensitivity is better with the expense of color information (a slight tilt adjustment problem is visible, it has beencorrected). The stars of magnitude 7 are detected using 60s exposure.

Details about his project can be found at

Congrats to Cyril! Keep up the good work!