Jupiter and Moon with DMK 21AU04.AS

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on August 13, 2008 and tagged with Sample Images, Jupiter, Moon, Transit.

Jim Ferreira from Livermore, CA, USA wrote us a very enthusiastic e-mail this week, talking about his experiences with a DMK 21AU04.AS. He writes:

[...] I had no idea I could get this kind of image quality and resolution out of a 3 inch APO refractor.

The DMK 21AU04.AS is totally killer! Easily one of the finest monochrome cameras available today for lunar-planetary astrophotography. [...]

Thanks for an incredible tool for high resolution astrophotography. I look forward to further exploring the camera's capabilities.

Below are the photos, which Jim included with his e-mail:

Jupiter - Io Transit

Plato down through the Apenninus Mountains to Eratosthenes

The photos were shot with a Stellarvue SV80S APO triplet @ f/18 for Jupiter and f/15 for Plato/Eratosthenes.

If you would like to see more lunar images shot with the DMK 21AU04.AS and Stellarvue SV80S APO shot by Jim, take a look at this web site: