Michael Theusner: 26 Megapixel Lunar Mosaic

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on June 5, 2008 and tagged with Sample Images, Moon, Mosaic.

Michael Theusner has submitted one of the largest Moon mosaic images that we have received to date.

His masterpiece is a mosaic of 34 individual images. For each of these images the best 100 frames of a 300 frame long AVI video were selected and averaged to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio. The AVIs were captured through a refractor with a focal length of 3000 mm @f/15 and a DMK 31AF03.AS.

Below is only a small section from the original image.

Click to download original - 3919px x 6768px = 3.4 MB compressed JPEG:

Accompanying his image, Michael proudly announces:

I own a DMK 31AF03.AS since April 2007 and must really say that this was one of my best investments in astronomy. I like to take high resolution lunar images and have started to post the recent ones on my photo-page at pbase.com.

The last one is from May 11, 2008. I took the videos through the 20 cm refractor (f/15) of our astronomy club in Hanover, Germany.

The image is a mosaic and composed of 34 individual images. Each of these images was assembled from the best 100 of 300 frames of each video (plus additional post-processing). I am really amazed about what you can do today in comparison what was possible with my ToUCam!

This image is awe-inspiring. Well done!

If anyone has a larger image please contact us and we will publish it here.