DBK and DFK Series Debayering Techniques

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on May 15, 2008 and tagged with Community, FAQ.

Oldfield So, over in Hong Kong, has published an interesting article about debayering techniques for the DBK and DFK series of astronomy cameras.

He discusses the following three techniques:

Case A: Debayer'ing is done at hardware level, and so the data coming from the camera is already in full color. [...]

Case B: By choosing Y800 for the device codec, the hardware sends original data which is not yet debayer'ed, that saves some Firewire bandwidth, and then the debayer'ing is done at software level by IC capture. [...]

Case C: We have chosen Y800 for the device as above, so the data coming from the camera is still not yet debayer'ed, and therefore, it uses less Firewire bandwidth. And Debayer'ing is also disabled in IC Capture, meaning that Debayer'ing is not done on-the-fly as well, and so it requires less CPU cycle.

He has published a screenshot for each technique, one of which that illustrates the third technique, is below:

You can read the full article, in Oldfield's blog.

A great thanks goes out to Oldfield for sharing this information with The Imaging Source astronomy cameras community.