Robert Reeves's Moon Moasic

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on January 11, 2008 and tagged with Sample Images, Moon, Mosaic.

Hoping to up the stacks in our ongoing highest resolution image of the moon competition, Robert Reeves has sent in the following mosaic image (click to enlarge):

In his e-mail to ProfJohn, he writes:

The Moon has risen high enough to allow an imaging session before passing into the trees, but the jet stream continues to target Texas. Thus I have not yet been able to do successful high resolution with a 2.5X Barlow. But Saturday night I was able to image at prime focus and create a large mosaic of the crescent moon. It prints 11″X14″ at 300 DPI and did not turn out too shabby. This is all the detail I can eek out of the Moon under the current shimmering seeing conditions.
Thank you for your help. The camera is a joy to use now that it performs consistently.

Thank you Robert for your photo.

If you have created a high resolution mosaic image of the Moon, please send it in to us.

Does anyone have a 5000px x 5000px plus image? :-)