Holmes Through the Eyes of the DMK

Blogged by John Berryman on October 30, 2007 and tagged with Sample Images, Jupiter, Sun.

Dan LLewellyn of Telescope Atlanta, the first astronomy camera reseller in the US for The Imaging Source, has sent quite a nice shot of the Holmes Comet. A normally docile comet discovered over 100 years ago, suddenly became nearly one million times brighter last week, possibly over just a few hours.

The comet brightened from 17, only visible through a good telescope, to magnitude 3, becoming visible with the unaided eye. It is easily seen with the naked eye as it has enlarged to the size of Jupiter and is now in the constellation Perseus.

Look northeast a bit after sunset, find Cassiopeia, then drop down and to the east just a bit! Here's a map if you have trouble.

Dan captured this image Friday with a DMK 31AF03.AS from his home (not Holme) Atlanta.

Keep watching and if you get an image with a camera from The Imaging Source, please send it for our blog!