Total Lunar Eclipse - More Press Coverage

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on September 3, 2007 and tagged with Press, Moon.

Following the recent total lunar eclipse in Australia, which was captured by Shevill Mathers, using The Imaging Source astronomy camera DFK 41AF02.AS, several news sources have published reports on the event.

In their article The Westender writes:

Dave Reneke, news editor for Australia's most popular astronomy magazine, Sky and Space, said he was thrilled with the feedback he's been getting. "People were, pardon the pun 'over the moon' about what they saw. We've received dozens of good quality photographs at our office and we'll be printing some of these in our next issue," he said.

Similarly, in their article A darker side of the moon, The Australian writes:

It was big, it was red, it was beautiful and everyone across Australia had a view of last night's total eclipse of the moon

Niall Seewang, writing for The Border Mail, simply calls the event spectacular, and Fiona Poole describes how,

[...] during ancient times, the people of the Philippines believed that a great and powerful dragon known as the Bakunawa would rise from the ocean and eat the moon bite by bite.

Shevill Mathers has also placed online a scan of an article that appeared in his local newspaper Mercury. The photo that was published clearly shows the DFK 41AF02.AS. Furthermore, his photo album contains a large number of images that show the various stages of the eclipse.