Feedback from AAPT Raffle Winner

Blogged by John Berryman on August 17, 2007 and tagged with Community, Events.

In an effort to support science education, The Imaging Source and sponsored a raffle at the American Association of Physics Teachers Summer Meeting. Here is how one of the winners will be using her new DFK 21AF04.AS.

Esther Zirbel writes:

[...] I am really excited to have won the DFK 21AF04.AS and I have a perfect use for it. I am starting a new position at the advanced Math and Science Academy in Marboro, MA, and my students will now profit not only from peaking through a telescope, but also from seeing (and then saving and processing) the images on my laptop. I hope I will thus inspire the students in astronomy, photography, telescopes, and observing!

Esther, you can count on that inspiration, I'm sure! Glad The Imaging Source and could help!