Teleskop-Service Advertises Astronomy Cameras

Blogged by Jonathan Maron on August 3, 2007 and tagged with Advertising, Press.

On page 111 of the August 2007 edition of the German language magazine Sterne und Weltraum, one of our German resellers, Teleskop-Service has a third of a page advert, advertising our astronomy cameras.

Translated, the text reads:

[The] Imaging Source CCD Cameras

Typically, "The Imaging Source" manufactures CCD cameras for industrial applications. Now, however, these professional cameras have been overhauled for amateur astronomy. Currently, the cameras have a FireWire connector, which permits very fast data transfer.

All models are available in three versions; each one with a different CCD. The cameras are available with a monochrome CCD (DMK), a normal color CCD (DFK) and a color CCD without integrated IR cut filter (DBK).

DMK / DFK / DBK 21AF04.AS Resolution: 640 x 480 pixel 392 €
DMK / DFK / DBK 31AF03.AS Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixel 698 €
DMK / DFK / DBK 41AF02.AS Resolution: 1280 x 960 pixel 1178 €

Source: Stern und Weltraum, August 2007 edition, page 111.